Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Our Inspiring Press Conference Experience

Welcome to our blog about the press conference. In the following entry we write about how the project went, what we learned and what the role of our guest speakers were.

On 7th of June 2023 the "Press conference" with the guest of honour Mrs Ghasemi took place at the school. In the morning, some preparations were made, including cooking and preparing the Iranian finger food. We, the 2aHLW, with the help of their cooking teacher Mrs. Petra Eckerstorfer, planned the meal a few weeks before and got to grips Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Our Inspiring Press Conference Experience with it. The individual groups had prepared different dishes and then presented them with posters. Kuku Sabzi, saffron syrup, couscous salad, hummus and Iranian buttermilk.

First, an Iranian short film by Parisa Ghasemi was shown at the press conference and then discussed. The 2cHAK asked Parisa Ghasemi, Gabi Kainberger and Gary Whittaker some questions. Our guest speakers responded to them and answered them in detail. Afterwards, the 2aHLW presented their finger food in a few sentences, after which the guests could have a look at the posters. The whole Dalton project inspired both classes because of the multifaceted topic of feminism and Iranian food culture.

We were all very enthusiastic about this project and would participate again. We learned how to cook in groups, how to create posters in different languages and how to cook and present food from other cultures. We learned that in Iran, different customs and ways of dealing with women are part of everyday life. In addition, many herbs are used in Iranian cuisine and the garnish is also eaten.

Finally, we would like to say that we enjoyed this project very much and we are very happy that we were chosen to cook as part of this project.