Language trip to Galway in September 2022

Getting up in the morning at 1.30 or not sleeping at all are not one of those things students normally do voluntarily. However, there might be an exception if something exciting is happening to them. 29 students of the 5aHL and 4cHK were heading to Galway on Saturday very early in the morning via Frankfurt and Dublin.

In Galway students were welcomed by their host families and they could get the first taste of a typical Irish family. On Sunday there was planned a trip to the Cliffs of Moher and Bunratty castle. The usually changeable Irish weather was perfect this day. A bit cloudy and a bit of sunshine. After students walking on the cliffs with a breathtaking view out to the Atlantic, we had a guided tour in Bunratty castle, a medieval stone building.

The first day at school was entertaining for the students who were divided into two groups according to their language level. Every afternoon or evening students enjoyed doing an activity, like a Galway Treasure Hunt, Irish dancing, visiting the aquarium, bowling, a pub night out, a river tour or a late-night shopping spree.

Nevertheless, the main focus was on students improving their language skills and raising cultural awareness. Students should learn for their life time to gain new experience in an English speaking country. The BBS Rohrbach offers this unique opportunity to students normally in their 4th year of studying at our school. But because of the pandemics parts of the students got this chance in their final year before graduating.